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Mystery in a Toga

Join us for a night of virtual sleuthing and fun for the 4th Annual MBW Mystery Event on January 30th. Join the party from wherever you are. All you need to participate is a computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Register your device and then join in on the fun!

The theme this year is "Mystery in a Toga. Totally immerse yourself in this mystery experience or come as you are for the entertainment and fun!

It will be a night of Mystery and Mayhem in Ancient Rome and ALL are invited to attend. There will be silent and live auction items, prizes for best dressed, guessing the criminal and more! All proceeds from the event go towards furthering the mission of MBW.

What is a Mystery Event?

A mystery event is an interactive evening of fun where a staged mystery takes place and the attendees must determine who among them is the culprit. It's like a live action game of clue! You'll be able to participate from your home with your own pod. 

Mystery in a Toga...The Premise:

An evening of gladiator warfare and celebration is planned for all of Rome to enjoy.

At the heart of the excitement sits Felix Festus, a lanista looking to win the public favor – and in doing so, a Senate seat – with the donation of his gladiators for exhibition. While no lives will be taken in the ring; honor, pride and the grand champion title are all at stake in the exhibition.

Although lives will be spared in the arena, the same will not hold true at the festivities.

One Roman will take their last breath at the party and it will be up to you to search out the guilty from the guileful. Was it the brute in a fight for his freedom? A senator unwilling to award another seat? A socialite who will not accept a rising of the classes? Or perhaps someone whose secret runs so deep that murder is the only way to silence it.

As you defend your own innocence, you will be called upon to
decipher between the downtrodden and the downright deceitful…
that is, unless the murderer is you!

Questions? Contact Us Today!

Questions? Contact Us Today!


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  1. Welcome
  2. The Mystery Begins
  3. Trivia
  4. Live Auction
  5. Silent Auction and Voting Closes
  6. Solution and Winners Announced
  7. Event ends

How to participate


1. Go to:

2. Click REGISTER FOR EVENT and fill out the form. You are required to enter a Credit Card. You will ONLY be charged if authorize a charge such as a donation, auction item or vote.

3. After you register, you will receive two text messages. You will need these to watch the event!


On your Mobile Phone:

o Click the link in your texts from Qtego (usually from 79230)

o This will take you to the QSite.

o Click the orange LIVE STREAM icon at the top of the page!

On your Computer or Tablet:

o Locate your 4-digit pin in your texts from Qtego

o Go back to the link: and enter the 4-digit pin

o You will be re-directed to your QSite. Click the LIVE STREAM button to join the event!

On your TV:

o Option 1: Connect a computer or tablet via a HDMI cable directly to your TV. Make sure you log into the stream using the instructions above!

o Option 2: Some Smart TVs have an Internet Browser you can type your personal link. You can find this link in the text from Qtego you received after registering.

o Option 3: Share the device logged into the live stream with an Apple TV.